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[md_tabs color_scheme=”accent”][md_tab title=”About Me”]Hello, my name is Joel Rozier. Thank you for visiting my website! I currently reside in a small southeast Georgia town called Blackshear. I graduated from Valdosta State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Growing up, I’ve always shown an interest for computers and art. Now, here I am today, creating my own designs, building webistes and filming/editing video. What separates me from the rest? My sheer desire to satisfy you, the customer, and my creativity level. I aim to do every job as though it were my very own.[/md_tab][md_tab title=”Designs”]My website design service includes custom art and design, and hosting (if you need it). Additionally I can implement WordPress on your website, so that you can make updates to it in the future yourself (if you desire). For video, I specialize in weddings, music videos, and performances. I own six professional cameras and 4 microphones. Additionally, I am open to film and edit any type of video you need. All videos will be filmed in full High Definition. My graphic design service covers promotional material such as flyers, business cards, ads, banners and art work creation such as album design, logo design, and more![/md_tab][md_tab title=”Skills”]On your far right is a rating system of a few very small/general skills, however I will try to be more detailed here. I considered myself highly experienced at using the following programs: Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Adobe InDesign. Although I primarily use the previously mentioned software, I have dabbled in other similar type software.[/md_tab][md_tab title=”FEES”]My fees are based on the cost of service you need. For weddings the price will vary but normally cost between $900 and $2,500. For music videos I normally charge between $500 and $1,000. There are several options you can select when hiring me for videography. For website design, prices start at just $400 and vary. For the design of promotional material such as flyers I normally charge between $30-$50. Please note that prices can change at any time so feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you![/md_tab][/md_tabs][md_blank_space height=”10px”]
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I’m not the type to brag, but I’m pretty awesome! Haha, just kidding. But if I did have to rate my skill levels, it would be as shown below. And yes, awesomeness is a skill level!

[/md_text][md_progress_bar percent=”90″ start_animated=”start-animated” color_scheme=”accent” bgcolor=”#FF7F50″ color=”#ffffff”]WEBSITE DESIGN[/md_progress_bar][md_progress_bar percent=”90″ start_animated=”start-animated” color_scheme=”accent” bgcolor=”#FF7F50″ color=”#ffffff”]ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS[/md_progress_bar][md_progress_bar percent=”95″ start_animated=”start-animated” color_scheme=”accent” bgcolor=”#FF7F50″ color=”#ffffff”]ADOBE PHOTOSHOP[/md_progress_bar][md_progress_bar percent=”100″ start_animated=”start-animated” color_scheme=”accent” bgcolor=”#FF7F50″ color=”#ffffff”]AWESOMENESS[/md_progress_bar]

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[md_testimonials carousel=”carousel”][md_testimonial image=”5438″ name=”Shelsea, Bride”]The highlight video is awesome! Can’t wait to see the whole thing![/md_testimonial][md_testimonial image=”5747″ name=”Erica at Anytime Fitness”]WE LOVE IT! IT IS AWESOME! I MEAN TOTALLY AWESOME! I AM SO EXCITED![/md_testimonial][md_testimonial image=”5748″ name=”Yvonne, School Play Director”]Absolutely LOVE the YouTube video!!!!!!![/md_testimonial][md_testimonial image=”5750″ name=”LizAnne, Bride”]Love it!!! Wow! What an amazing day.[/md_testimonial][md_testimonial image=”5749″ name=”Lori Shae, Bride”]Love it! Thanks for everything.[/md_testimonial][/md_testimonials]
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