It’s virtually impossible for a business to operate without a social media presence these days. The problem is that many companies and brands either don’t know how to run their social media accounts, or they are just too busy to take the time to do it. This is where I come in.

I will help brand and maintain your social media presence by using various marketing tools. I can design your look (ads/posts), create content, and manage your pages (respond to messages, comments, reviews, etc) all at an affordable cost. Don’t hire some big marketing firm that will over charge you.

My platforms include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. I am also experienced in geomarketing, analytics, Google AdWords, newspaper, magazine, billboard, television, radio and other forms of marketing/advertising.

You can hire me on a monthly basis to market your business (social media, build content, etc) or you can pay me by the hour. Call or message me for a price.

Social Media

Up your social media game. Build your presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Hire me to create, maintain and manage your pages. Call me today to get started. Monthly plans are available.


Geomarketing describes any form of marketing that incorporates location intelligence in order to improve the reach of your message; this includes geotargeting and geofencing advertising.

Search Engine (SEO)

Need help being ranked higher on Google? Look no forward. I can help your business rank up organically through Search Engine Optimization.


Hire me to keep track of your website’s statistics, so you can analyze and review what is working and what’s not.

Google AdWords

Interested in starting a Google AdWords campaign? I can help you set it up and maintain it at an affordable cost.

YouTube (Video)

I specialize in video production. Hire me to develop your video ad campaign and launch it on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more!


Newspapers are still alive and well in Southeast Georgia. Many people still read the paper. Hire me to develop and run your newspaper/magazine ads.

TV & Radio

Everyone still watches the television and listens to radio. Advertising on these platforms can be difficult. Hire me to help create your ad and implement it.